About Us

Walking Tours LA is locally owned and operated passion project.  We walk the city’s trendiest neighborhoods and landmarks, while experiencing architecture, learning history, telling stories, and engulfing ourselves in Los Angeles culture.



Daniel Burke has been a lifetime resident of Los Angeles.  From an early age, he gained and understanding and appreciation of our cities uniqueness, history and worldwide appeal. Dan has worked in the field of education and customer service for over 30 years. His involvement includes work as volunteer for…

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Mike is a writer, journalist and lifelong Southern California resident with a passion for this amazing region’s history and arts. As a former reporter for People magazine, Mike offers an insider’s view of Hollywood and popular culture. Now an author of true crime books, Mike also knows all about Southern…

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Los Angeles is one of the most historical and exciting cities in the United States. It is rich in culture, and the heart of the entertainment and music industries. I love the melting pot that I live in, and enjoy sharing the knowledge about shopping, attractions, restaurants, museums and other…

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Spencer Frankeberger


Spencer is an actor/director and a board-certified music therapist who loves improvisation. He is outgoing, dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, and very excited to be able to explore the city. Spencer is conversational in sign language and loves learning about the universal elements of different languages and cultures. He thinks…

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Karen was born in Los Angeles, grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and graduated from U.C.L.A. She has worked as an actress, model, and stand-up comic. She has also lived in NYC, performing stand-up on the East coast. During this time she began her first novel, BAREFOOT ON ASPHALT.…

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Kevin grew up in New York City. He learned to appreciate the city from an early age walking with his dad all over Manhattan. He learned even more working as a messenger in the city, his first job on his way to becoming a writer and producer. Since them, Kevin…

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Born in Texas, raised in Pennsylvania, college in Rural New York and now residing in the heart of the beast, Los Angeles. Motorcycle rider, outdoor educator and photographer, Clay is a curious human being always looking for more in the ways of experiential knowledge as well as ways to share…

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Philip H is an actor, writer, and comedian originally from Florida. He graduated from Florida State University with a BA in Theatre, a minor in film studies, and a desire to leave Florida. All joking aside, he planned on moving to LA since he was a child, and after being…

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Kelly has a passion for history, loves meeting new people and enjoys teaching students in the Los Angeles school district. Being a tour guide is the best job ever!  I have traveled the world and now call Los Angeles my home. Kelly founded Walking Tours LA and has built a…

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